Here is a list of some of the specialist services we provide


Alloy Wheel Repair & Painting

We can fix and paint your wheels any colour you like from $795.
This includes:
- fixing any gutter rash
- a high quality paint finish
- our most popular colour is gloss black. The black is deep, glossy and looks fantastic. Alternatively we can arrange for any colour you like, whether matte black, gold, hot pink or something metallic. Some paint finishes have a surcharge.

We need the wheels for approx one week and we will do our best to provide loan wheels if required for your daily driver.


BMW Coding Services

We can code your BMW from $99. Common items coded include:

- disable the iDrive disclaimer
- enable TV/DVD in motion
- enable folding mirrors (mirrors fold in automatically when you lock the vehicle)
- digital speedo


JB4 Back End Flash

Popular and necessary for those running E85 mixtures or meth injection, the back end flash works in conjunction with your JB4 to provide proper fuelling in the higher power ranges. This allows the JB4 to focus on boost control while the flash looks after AFR targeting.
This can be done for $110.


BMW Alpina Transmission Flash

This will flash your ZF Equipped 6speed Auto giving you faster shift times, improved shift logic and overall greater driveability. The ZF Auto is used in conjunction with most N54 engines. 'D' mode will shift up earlier and take advantage of the engine's torque. 'S' mode will see faster shift changes. In addition the instrument control panel will now display what gear you are in, D2 for example as opposed to the standard 'D'.
This can be done for $110.


BMW Retrofits

If you're looking to update certain aspects of your car there's no better way than to retrofit something out a newer model. From update model taillights to iDrive retrofits we can help. Common items include:

- BMW Steering Wheel Paddle retrofit, if your car did not come with steering wheel mounted paddle shifters we can retrofit this
- BMW E9X Reverse Camera Retrofit
- E92 'LCI' Taillight retrofit
- E8X & E9X CIC iDrive retrofit
- F30 NBT retrofit