--- BMW X6M ---

BMW’s styling of the X6 has always been a little controversial. Some say it resembles a marsupial exposed to radiation whilst others find its haunched lines tough and its styling refreshing compared to the more traditional SUVs. Nevertheless what isn’t controversial is the X6Ms performance. The 4.4 litre V8 has two turbos strapped to it belting out 408kw, or 555hp in the old money and is shared with it's E70 X5M cousin. Its accompanying 680nm of twist is enough to move the 2.3tonne beast from standstill to triple digits in 4.7 seconds. So you think the last thing this car needs is more performance? Well the owner set about personalising it first starting with aesthetics - addressed by some tasty Vorsteiner carbon fibre additions and a nice set of 22” Miami XO flow form wheels with accompanying Pirelli rubber. After this, the car was dropped off to us for more power and we certainly didn't disappoint here.

We ran a baseline dyno and it spun the rollers to the tune of 281.6kw at all four! A very impressive result, especially for a stock car. We then tuned the car and fitted up some hand made ar design 3” downpipes to the S63 motor. Not only do the downpipes provide an intoxicating exhaust note with more noticeable turbo whoosh, but coupled with the tune these two enhancements gave an incredible gain of 58.0kw and 175nm to the wheels! Converting this back to flywheel power, this car now has a whopping 492kw and 855nm lurking beneath it's carbon fibre bonnet! A quick drive around the block back up the figures with the car absolutely hauling itself at the horizon, reaching licence shredding speeds very quickly indeed. If you look at the dyno sheet below you’ll see full torque available at 2500 RPM, which in traditional sports cars would render the rear tyres pretty much useless but combined with the X6Ms 4WD system there is no wheel spin, no complaints from the ZF 6 Speed torque convertor transmission, just pure neck pain inducing, passenger scaring, time warping acceleration.

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